Private Mortgage Administration Made Easy

Protect your high rates of return with low risk through investing in 1st and 2nd mortgages.

Welcome to Stoneridge Lending Inc.

Let StoneRidge administer your private mortgages and build your wealth without the hassle.

We handle the administration and headaches; you just watch your money grow.

When you have the right security, it’s easy to say yes to lending money.

Specializing in private mortgage administration! 1st and 2nd mortgages. Working with all types of brokers across the board!


How It Works

Working with a mortgage administrator takes the guess work out of your private mortgage loans. Just like the institutional lenders, you know that fewer than 1 of every 200 mortgages default in Canada and returns on mortgage loans are consistently high. But you may not have the experience administering and enforcing loans that institutional lenders do – that’s where our expertise comes in. Our experience let’s you sit back and enjoy the returns while we take care of the paperwork, administration, and enforcement.